Where God guides, He provides. ISAIAH 58:11

The tears are flowing and the praises are going up as I sit listening to the song God Provides ( Tamala Mann). The words are resonating deep down in my soul and heart. I remember a time when I was in a dark place not knowing or understanding God's provision over my life. It was in that moment of darkness and uncertainty when I heard the voice of God. It's seems like yesterday the audio of God's voice and the outreach of his hand was extended in great lengths to me. You probably wondering was God's voice loud and what did he say. His voice was not loud and he said, " trust the process, I will be your peace and strength". I have been following the voice of God since 2008 and his word still remains true and unchanging. Now, I sit twelve years later with a peace of knowing GOD provision is enough. COVID-19 has put the world in confusion, disbelief and a lot of fear. Today, I ask you to allow God to do what he has promised us all.

As we approach the end of the month please listen and meditate on God Provide (Tamela Mann)and allow the words to sink deep down in your soul as you meditate on ISAIAH 58:11. You will find the song on Youtube.

God provides!



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