Did you hear the latest announcement....

Did you hear what is going down....

Girl, listen......remember I told you about a conference I attended in 2016 over at a church called Renaissance UMC. Yes, the church that birth out some amazing leaders. OK, stay with me....I heard that several of those sisters are coming in town to DISRUPT the atmosphere. Yes, they are getting in the boxing ring going toe to toe. I don't know who or what they are up against but I heard they have been training for an amazing conference called EPIC/We are Still Standing.

The question I have for you, are you registered? If not, you have a few weeks before registration closes. This is going to be the fight of all times. Please invite and share and register at www.keptwomanofGod.com. If you have a group of 8 or more you qualify for the group rate of $60. The fight will take place April 3rd-4th at 6:00PM United Believers Community Church 5800 East 112th Terrace, KCMO.

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