Ladies, this month has been amazing! Let me tell you what I've been doing all month long. One word, CELEBRATING. Yes, your girl has been celebrating life with family & friends. I'm sure some may be thinking a month is a bit excessive. Don't judge me ( LOL).

Anyway, my birthday celebration started with a trip to Branson with my husband Alan. We enjoy time just hanging with each other and laughing......well, Alan laughed mostly at me because of my uncaring thoughts of the looks I received as I sashayed around town styling a beautiful crown and wearing my tutu. I was owning being the double nickel (55) with pride. Waving at everyone who encountered me lead a group of ladies to serenaded me. OMGOSH, so much fun. Imagine, little ole me in Branson Missouri being serenaded by a country gospel group. The people were coming up asking "who are you" ? My response always, I'm part of the Royal family and it's my Birthday ( giggle).

We continued are journey to Dallas were my daughters celebrated me with dinner and presented me with roses and gifts. Oh, I had cake and ice cream (yummy). On our travels back we decided to bring our grandson Jaden with us, what a treat. Jaden spent five days with us in Kansas City before mom & dad showed up. Nothing like Nanna duty. Now, we are about into the second week of October, every day I have been taken out and celebrated with my friends. Dinner, lunch, coffee, snack, shopping you name it they showered me with love. Guess what? I even had a tea party with five of my girlfriends and we had a blast!

My son Darrell visited me 3 days in a row having lunch and dinner with me, that is love. I was able to enjoy a private screening of the movie Harriett, PHENOMENAL.

This month has been full of love, life and laughter. The last few weeks in celebration of my birthday I had the opportunity to teach (3) workshops and Keynote a Women retreat with some amazing sisters. The reason I'm sharing my birth month with you and all the activities is because I want you to see clearly that God gave me a second chance to live life with all of my friends and family without apologizing for LIVING out LOUD. December 22, 2007 could had been my last day on earth BUT GOD!

So, what is the message for you? Ladies, live life like it's your last day! Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I LOVE ya'll.

Happy Month Birthday


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