WOW!!! Absolutely amazing..


Happy Monday!!

Ladies, thank you very much for joining me at our annual conference. Words can not express the joy I felt seeing my beautiful sisters present. When I say present, that is exactly what I mean. Each of you were very intentional about your release. The moment you entered into the doors your mind was made up that your release was necessary in order to reset.

As I reminded you over and over that Kept Woman of God is not a moment or a weekend, I could see the shift taking place in my sisters. Each of our presenters stood before you in their authentic truth being very transparent. When we are clear on who our father is ( GOD). That by itself is enough, you will never be empty. Kept Woman of God is a lifestyle that allows you to stand out and shine for God's glory.

Now, don't start panicking over a lifestyle that God has intended for you to have or wondering how you will stay on track. You left that stuff at the alter on Friday night and don't pick it back up. I'm here to encourage you and walk with you. Do me a huge favor, meditate on your experience of the conference and ask yourself what did God reveal to you.

What God revealed to me was that I needed to rest in his presence all week. Ladies, that is exactly what I did.

Blessings and abundance,


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