Grab your lifejacket...

I was sitting at my kitchen counter preparing for our upcoming annual conference and God's presence was so deep! Ladies, I'm talking underwater deep but filled with oxygen to breathe. You may be thinking, I can't swim what is about to happen? Well, I can't swim either but when God's presence is on you, all things are possible. Now, I'm not telling any of you to jump off into the ocean without your lifejacket. I'm just saying my lifejacket is JESUS and I jumped.

What lifejacket will you grab hold of? Today is the day you listen to the voice of God and be filled with His presence. Get clear on the voice of GOD!

You are in a season of Freedom. A Freedom to be lead by GOD so you can walk purposely in your calling. Ladies, it's time to grab God's lifejacket and LEAP and LAUNCH. I invite you to join me at the annual Kept Woman of God conference April 5th-6th for a life changing experience. Kept Woman of God is not a weekend moment it's a lifestyle.

It's time for you to TRUST the PROCESS and Release and RESET your mind, body and soul. Whatever you need we will help guide you.

Who's voice will you listen too

WE have prepared a conference just for you and our presenters are on fire! NOW What? What's your next move? I'll see you in a few months. You can register today at

Blessings and abundance,


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