We can't do this alone!

We are ecstatic about our new partnership with Sassy Jones Boutique (Richmond VA). It is so ironic that the partnership entails all the things that CEO/Founder Rochinda Pickens stands for. Authenticity, Alignment with God and Inspired action. The partnership developed over a two year shopping relationship that led to a thriving sisterhood. Sassy Jones was a sponsor for our 2018 Kept Woman of God conference . The partnership between both organizations will help both reach the needs of women. What many don't know is Kept Woman of God Ministry held their weekly bible studies at Chinda's Younique Boutique in the beginnings. A boutique that Rochinda owned and operated for eight years in Kansas City. Ladies, came together consistently for a duration of eight weeks. They Studied together and encouraged one another with relatable topics inspired by the Bible. Every and anything was discussed along with the enjoyment of food and music. Oh, yeah the ladies loved to shop. Charis Jones and Rochinda Pickens have much in common. Ladies, we can do so much more with each others support. Kept Woman of God is a mobile ministry that connects women globally; our mission is to provide a clear understanding of who our keeper is. As a Kept woman of God it's very important to understand who we are and whom we belong too. We are wonderfully and marvelously made in God's imagine. We understand that stuff isn't the essence of who we are nor does is define our walk in greatness.

Ladies, as we prepare for our 2019 Kept Woman of God conference Sassy Jones Boutique is helping us raise money for our organization. As a affiliate your purchase of $25 or above 10% will be donated to Kept Woman of God. It is so simple, all you have to do is click https://www.shopsassyjones.com?rfn=1681012.349459 or go directly to our website www.keptwomanofGod.com and click under the Sassy Jones shop button, you will be directed to her page. Don't forget to save the date April 5th-6th 2019 Kept Woman of God Annual Conference. " Early Bird" and group link will be up and running soon..

Until next time,

Be Blessed

KWOG team member

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