God's timing!

This past week has been a whirlwind for our family. My mother in love received a beautiful set of wings to heaven. One thing for sure she is happy and overjoy to be amongst the best. The week prior, we were given the devastating news that pancreatic cancer had invaded her body. We were preparing ourselves for the journey ahead, unbeknownst to us God had a different plan. The Sunday prior to her passing, instead of attending church I decided to worship with mother Joan Pickens in the hospital. Keep in mind she was suppose to be discharged on Wednesday to prepare for chemo on Thursday.  I remember the look on her face when I entered the room all dressed in my  black/white church attire. Yes, I was looking quite cute. She smiled and said " honey you look nice" as I kissed her on the cheek.

What was so ironic about my trip to the hospital that morning, I was having a difficult time deciding what church I was going to attend. When I think about God's perfect timing, it brings a smile to my face and warms my soul. I told her God had instructed me to  have church with her  in the hospital. We prayed and sang and laughed and talked she even offered to help me rehearse my lines for an upcoming play. We talked about life and the future but never mention death. I had no idea this would be my last Sunday worship with her. She told me she was at peace and said God would take care of her through it all. We talked about chemotherapy & radiation. All she wanted to know was how much time it would take during the day for her treatments. My answer was, we will call it a "Spa Day" with chemo. Of course she laughed an thanked me for being there. You know, God's timing is the best timing ever.

She did not have to endure any of the dreaded treatments. In her words, this is a win, win situation. I win if I go through treatment and I win if God calls me home to eternal life.

As you think about your own life and  plans always remember God's master plan and timing is already in place.  We will miss mom Joan Pickens, but we know this was God's timing for her. 

I have been blessed tremendously by her joy and the love she shared with all.

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