Kept Women of God Conference 2017 "Taking Flight"

Ladies! Get ready, get ready, get ready. We are preparing to take flight and soar high. This year we mastered the great Balancing Act and next year we will be taking flight together. Tell your daughters, sisters, friends, aunts tell your mothers.....tell everyone! We'd love to have them join in on our amazing journey that's gearing up to take place! Our conference dates are April 7th - 8th. Itinerary schedule with details on available workshop to follow in registration on Eventbrite.. Conference Cost $55, early bird registration will be $40 starting September 30, 2016 for limited time only.. We have an amazing weekend planned for you...You don't want to miss this opportunity to be on flight #KWOG17 with some amazing sisters.....Remember be very intentional on what you put in your carry on, only one bag allowed:)

God Bless!

#KWOG #WomensConference #KansasCity #Fellowship

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